Brugge and Zoetermeer. 4/13/96

We have breakfast at the hotel and head for Bruges, Belgium.  t is cold and winday again. Bruges is a very cute and well preserved city. We look around the Markt and decide we will take a tour. We have coffee and pie until tour time.

Market Square, Bruges

The tour is an hour with headphones and commentary in English. Bruges is a town built on commerce and has the first stock exchange and coined the work, bank. There are many beautiful houses and canals. We go to see the Michelangelo statue afterwards but the church is closed for lunch.

Michelangelo Madonna and Child in Bruges. Only statue outside of Italy

Getting back in the car we take the shore road along the North Sea to The Hague and take a ferry and a stop at McDonald’s. Sarah is homesick for familiar food. We go along the dikes and massive flood gates. There are wide beaches beyond the dikes.

Flood gates in Netherlands

We get Zoetermeer and have a very difficult time finding the hotel. Anita has booked us into a Golden Tulip in the middle of an industrial park. It is like a weird ghost town. We have a triangular shaped room with a king sized be and an awful rollaway for Sarah. She says she will be okay on it. We have a small Pizza and drinks in the bar and then we are off to sleep.

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