Kuekenhof Gardens and on to Amersterdam. 4/14/96

We have breakfast at the hotel. Luckily it is included because a tour group was there first and ate everything. We set off for the Keukenhof Gardens. The weather is clear.

The flowers are way behind schedule, though, and almost the only things blooming are crocus. The indoor exhibits of the chrysanthemums, iris, and freesia are lovely but outside is disappointing. We do get to see some very randy peacocks, though.

The only picture I can find of the garden is this one of the peacocks who were drawing quite a crowd

We leave in the early afternoon for Amersterdam. We find our hotel with no problem (unusual)and go to the convention center so John can register.  He makes a fuss that there are no tram passes for Sarah and I and gets them for us. We go to the Okura—John for a meeting and Sarah and I to see Mary Spicer. She is not in but we have an expensive lunch there.

In the evening there is the reception. Sarah and I get bags for goodies but there is not available. Sarah shows her juggling skills and wins some beanbag juggling things.

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