The tour of Amsterdam for guests. 4/15/96

We get up early and take the tram to the RAI. John goes off to work and we join the guests tour. We see Mary Spicer and also Grete Dietzl whom I met in Maastricht. First we visit a diamond factory and see how they are cut, polished, and rated. They encourage us to buy something. We do not.

Next there is a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. We have a typical Dutch lunch on board. This consists of a cup of soup and rolls stuffed with very little meat. Sarah has cheese and tries a croquette that she does not like. We are served coffee and tea. The charge extra for water.

Canal ride in Amsterdam

This is followed by a two hour walking tour which is exhausting. This is followed up by a trip to the Rijksmuseum. People are upset that this was left to the very end and we only have an hour. There are good explanations of some paintings. Sarah and I enjoy the genre paintings and she likes the mythology ones.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Dutch genre painting, Jan Steen’s The Merry Family

We are left in the city center. I help Mary Spicer, George, and an Italian lady get trams back to the RAI. WE go back to our hotel. We have dinner at an Italian place nearby. The waiter is charming and the food is good. He gives Sarah the whole selection of desserts.

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