I’ve been thinking about how and when I worry. Obviously, when I am busy, I worry less. There are only so many mental zoobs that one can use simultaneously. When it’s the middle of the night, I worry more. What are you doing? Just laying there. It’s prime time for worrying. Sometimes I worry quietly, other times when the burden of worry gets too great, I worry aloud to John. Since he’s a guy, he usually gives me solutions to my problems or suggests that what I am worrying about is noncredible. A new and interesting insight is that my worries differ depending on how far away I am from the worry source. If I am close enough to make a difference I worry more. For instance, if Sarah, Ryan or Jon has a problem, and I am in California or Utah, I worry about it more because I think I can help. If I’m in Europe or Florida or more than 1000 miles away, I am less likely to be overly concerned. I would ask them to help each other or ask a friend. So the worry equation must be:
Of course, it would depend on the size of the problem.

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