Back in the day when icons meant more than pictures on your desktop, we were indoctrinated with “doing the right thing” by Smokey the Bear and the Litterbug. Now being a suburban New Jersey girl, the chance of setting forest fires was remote, but I took to heart, “Don’t be a litterbug.” I remember giving my dad a really hard time when he would open a pack of cigarettes and throw the cellophane on the ground. (A few years later we would castigate our parents for smoking.) We children of the 50’s were a small army of litter police. Driving around in Florida, California, Nevada and Utah in the past few months makes me think that perhaps we need a new army of children indoctrinated with the “Don’t Litter” mantra. They will take it upon themselves not to litter but, even more importantly, they will call upon their piggish parents and acquaintances not to do so.

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