Pick Up Sticks

The other day we had lunch at the Mongolian Barbecue in St. George, Utah. We don’t dine out much here due to the lack of quality restaurants but we like the Mongolian Barbecue because you can see that you are getting fresh ingredients, you choose the flavorings you want and watch the cooks cook your food. It’s kind of personal quality control. I got the smallest bowl and filled it with vegetables only and no noodles since I knew that they would be serving rice. John got the middle size bowl (this is starting to sound like Goldilocks). So the problem here is, I would get finished way faster than he would and then wish I had gotten the middle size bowl too. Solution? Chopsticks. If you want to slow down and you haven’t grown up eating with chopsticks, they are a great way to make you pause between bites.

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