Noah, call the lifeboats! Here in the southwestern part of Utah I think we have just surpassed the most rainfall ever. Because all the activities we were planning on doing have been washed out, we decided to go and become members of the local library, the Santa Clara branch of the Washington County (Utah) Library System. After having to prove we were not usurpers trying to take out books illegally, we were given our library cards, a brochure about the library and allowed to browse the shelves. The library goes for the minimalist look. No shelf is more than one third full and the bottom two shelves have nothing on them at all. Although there are several hefty shelves of Mormon doctrine, there is only one slim volume on the Catholic shelf called Catholic Thought. Apparently, Catholics don’t think too much in Utah.

It was, however, the brochure that really caught our attention. Here is an actual quote from it. “Because of the high demand for certain non-fiction books, only three (3) books on any one subject may be checked out at a time (i.e., flower arranging, abortion, holidays, etc.)” So, young Utahan, don’t be having an unintended pregnancy during the Christmas season, especially if you were planning on making the wreaths and centerpieces yourself.

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