Last week, on our way to Utah, we stopped at the Carl’s Jr. in Mojave, CA for lunch. Given the nature of part of this blog, we of course chose wisely and dietetically. Well, at least we didn’t have french fries ( I understand now that Chirac and Bush are pals again, they are no longer freedom fries.) Anyway, John did the ordering and, as the girl behind the counter rang it up, she automatically gave him the senior discount. This was not a discount he had asked for since he was not even aware that Carl’s Jr. had a senior discount. A friend of mine, Catherine, once told me she had been getting the senior discount at the movies since she was around 40 just by asking for it. She claimed that the teenagers at the ticket booth think everyone over 30 looks old. But the fact that John, whom I have always thought looks younger than he actually is, got the senior discount without asking for it, is quite sobering.

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