About 75% of Americans are Christians. About 25% of Americans are either non-Christians, agnostics or atheists. Part of the greatness of America is that these groups can live together in harmony. Throughout history, various religious groups have been at each others throats for different beliefs. There is even bloody mayhem today within major religious groups – Catholics and Protestants (both Christian) in Northern Ireland; Sunnis and Shi’ites (both Islamic) in Iraq. Our Founding Fathers did a great job in framing our Constitution and Bill of Rights to make sure that there is no interference by religion in the affairs of state. So I found President Bush’s comments after attending the Pope’s funeral disturbing. According to an AP article, Bush is quoted as saying, “No doubt in my mind the Lord Christ was sent by the Almighty,” Bush said. “No doubt.” This type of remark might be appropriate in his church, or to his minister or to his family but not to reporters on Air Force One in his official capacity.

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