Yesterday we went out to buy new tennis balls on Marco Island. We found them at Walgreen’s for $3.79 a can. Outrageous! Unfair! We shall play with dead balls. So this got me to thinking about the whole iniquity (see Word for the Day) of being a captive market. There are very few places that sell tennis balls on Marco Island and to go all the way to Naples seems false economy given the price of gas. So the sellers will price their items as high as they think the consumer will bear. And speaking of gas and captive markets, when you enter California on I-40, the first place you come to is Needles. Last year when the price of gas was much lower than it is today, gas in Needles was $2.74 a gallon. In Kingman, AZ which is about 60 miles away, it was $2.05. But if you need gas, there is no place for 60 miles to get it except Needles. Iniquity, I say. And don’t get me started on the expensive soda and snacks at ball games or at Disneyland. And what about wine on a cruise? Shouldn’t the high price you are paying include at least a table wine? Buyer beware!

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