I was watching the French Open today. It made me think about the differences between individual and team sports. A professional football team has around 40 members. Many of them are very highly paid. This is true in baseball as well. If the team loses a game, they still get paid. They also are supplied with coaches, equipment, and medical staff. Now compare this with a golfer or tennis player. If these men or women lose, they don’t make much of a paycheck. They have to pay for their own coaches and staff. Unless they are top tier players and have lots of endorsements, they pay for their own living arrangements at events and their travel. Andy Roddick, the best American tennis player has earnings of $531,000 so far this year and Roger Federer, the best player in the world, has made slightly over $2 million. Compare that with the best basketball, football or baseball players. I realize that these tennis players also get endorsements and commercials but so do the team players.

I wonder if one group is underpaid or one is overpaid?

No wonder there are few world class American tennis players .

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