Continuing on with my thoughts of May 11, I heard on the radio today that travelers can expect congestion and delays at the airports this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer. Although travel problems are always a bane to one’s existence, it is good to see that the American air travel psyche has recovered from the scary days after 9/11. I remember going to pick up John’s dad at SFO a week after the attack and it was echo-y in the terminal and very eerie. We flew on Southwest yesterday and I have to say, “Souhwest! Couldn’t you possibly find a way to give out seat assignments?!” Not only do you have to line up way in advance in hopes of not getting a middle seat, but since you can now print your boarding pass online after midnight on the day you are flying in hopes that you will be in the “A’ group, you are sleep deprived while standing in line. (This is made worse when you are living in Mountain Time and flying in Pacific Time so you have to stay up ‘til 1 AM.) I figured that not that many people would be flying on a Thursday at 3:30 in the afternoon, but I was wrong. The flight was completely full, even overbooked. Thank goodness, this was only an hour flight. So get ready for a summer full of getting to know your seatmates thighs unless you are fortunate enough to fly business or first class.

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