Are you traveling this summer? Perhaps you’ll visit an art museum. Once you’re inside you can either walk by a lot of paintings not knowing what they’re all about or you can read the little card (if it’s in English) next to the painting. You read the card and you look up at the painting for the point that’s being discussed. Now you look back at the card and try to find your place. And so it goes, look at the painting, look at the card. If you are over 40, you are also putting glasses on and taking them off. After about 10 paintings, you’ve had it. So, if there is an audio tour, rent it. The information is going in your ears while you are looking at the paintings. It is so much more enjoyable when you understand what you’re looking at. Do you know why there are eggshells on the floor or an hourglass on the table in Dutch genre paintings? Or why St. Anthony the Abbot has a little pig accompanying him? Spending 7 Euros on an audio tour may give you the answers.

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