Today we are talking about wine or maybe whine. We haven’t been doing much lately because John has a major pain in the neck. No, it’s not me. He has pinched a nerve and has a lot of trouble sitting especially in the car and even more so if he is driving. He’s been to the doctor and gotten medication and is doing physical therapy but still there hasn’t been a lot of relief. But, we had two wine club shipments that we needed to pick up so I suggested we go up to Sonoma and do so. Ah, but you must drive over a couple of bridges and that’s where the second pain in the neck comes from. As I have mentioned in the past, I have an irrational fear of driving in high places like over high bridges or overpasses and on the edges of cliffs. This is so annoying because it limits where I can go and when I can share in the driving. So poor John had to drive over the Carquinez-Zampa bridge and over the Napa River bridge. It hurt him and I felt bad. Last week Sarah told me to get over my phobia after my whining about the fact that it was going to take me an hour and a half to get to my hairdresser in Burlingame. (You see, I have to drive south to the bottom of SF bay and then back up.) And so I am trying. On the way back, I took one small step. I drove over the Napa River bridge. Breath, breath, relax, relax. Concentrate on the traffic. But not too much. Don’t look over the edge. Okay, almost to the top, now over and just coast down the other side. Ta-da, I did it!

Did I drive over the Carquinez-Zampa bridge? Give me a break, I’m talking baby steps here.

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