Yes, I know, I’ve been derelict in my blogging responsibilites. Yesterday should have been a blog day. And I’ve skipped a few days over the last month. So you’re saying to yourself, “Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it means that Marymom is not so worried.” Perhaps you are right. Sarah drove to Los Angeles for the Fourth of July weekend with friends and I said not a worry word to her. Yes, of course, be safe but that was about it. Ryan and Jon drove all the way back from Colorado this past weekend and except for a few passing worries, I managed. I’ve even been driving in high places. My god, does that mean a lifetime of neuroses is coming to an end? Will I just be a contented husk of my former self? Maybe with the escalation of worries around the world, there’s less time to pick at all the little niggling personal fears. Or maybe the blogging has actually helped.

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