Is it hot or is it just me? For a woman in those delicate years (you know, when no one thinks of you as having a sex other than bothersome), it’s sometimes hard to tell whether it’s hot outside or your own personal generating plant is the cause. Really, somebody ought to find a use for all this energy. Maybe all women 50 and older could spend 15 minutes a day plugging their fingers into some sort of receptacle which could then take the heat and turn it into a renewable power source. By the time you are at this stage in your life, there is so much you could pass on along with the energy – knowledge, compassion, love, irony – you get my drift.

Actually, I was thinking about how hot it is on a non-personal basis. All across the nation, people are wilting, even dying from the heat. I watched a tennis match from Indianapolis yesterday where one of the guys had to withdraw with heat exhaustion. The temperature on the court was a cross between the surface temperature of 118 degrees and the air temperature of 98 degrees. Plus there was a lot of humidity. What’s going on? Is this just a blip on the weather radar or a sign of things to come? We’ve had a lot of hot years in a row. And we’ve had a lot of unusual weather. There’s been a lot of hurricanes in the southeast, a lot of rain in the southwest and a lot of drought in between. Should we be paying more attention to this on a national level? Are we emitting too many greenhouse gases? Is some other country emitting to many?

The bottom line is this; it’s too damn hot. And I’m hot already.

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