Today we helped Sarah move into her new apartment even though we had sworn that we wouldn’t do it again. She didn’t even have to ask. We offered to help. That’s what moms and dads do. We’ve moved Sarah a lot. Once when she wasn’t even there to help. John has been a wonder this week. Lifting and climbing stairs with heavy loads. He is black and blue from hauling our stuff on Thursday and Sarah’s stuff today.

Sarah was really appreciative. She even bought us lunch. And we didn’t say, no, we’ll pay. There’s a first. All of this has me thinking about what my parents did for me and whether I was appreciative enough.

They came to my concerts in high school, or at least my mom did. They took me to music lessons. We went to the beach. They loaned us money for our first house. I got a car for my college graduation. When I was young, we went on vacations. My mom always took my side in arguments. They let me play ping pong (hah) in the basement with my boyfriends. They came to my wedding.

Often I spend a lot of time recalling what they didn’t do for me and feeling bad about it. There were plenty of shortcomings. But what wouldn’t I give now, to be able to give them a hug and say thanks for all the times that I forgot to.

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