I was thinking about opposites yesterday. There were a lot of things, especially as a child, that I regarded as opposites. Probably if I did a word association kind of thing and I had to say the first opposite that came into my mind, these strange opposites would still pop up.

What’s the opposite of vanilla? Why chocolate, of course, except that they are both merely different flavorings for ice cream. Why shouldn’t mint chocolate chip be the opposite of vanilla then? Or the opposite of chocolate for that matter.

How about salt? Pepper, I’d say. But these are just different seasonings.

I agree that white is the opposite of black, but if I said red, would you say blue? Or green? Green is the complement of red. (I asked Sarah what was the opposite of red and she said, “Anti-Communist?” She obviously thinks much deeper thoughts than I.)

In the condiment field, is mustard the opposite of ketchup?

John thinks chicken is the opposite of beef. I thought it was fish.

Do you have silly opposites?

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