What has happened to shoe sizes? I used to wear a 7 ½. Then sometime, maybe ten or fifteen years ago, the 7 ½ migrated to 8. During this time my weight fluctuated up and down but my shoe size just went up. Of course, I was sure I was still a 7 ½. So it must be that some manufacturers make their shoes smaller. I shopped and shopped. I spent lots of money trying to be that 7 ½. Okay, finally I decided, I’m an 8. There’s no reason to feel embarassed , lots of women have larger feet. Just because my mother, aunt and grandmother wore 4’s and 5’s, it’s no reason to go hide my feet in the sand.

For the past few years, I’ve been playing tennis in size 8’s. I’ve been wearing 8’s for awhile and have adapted to the fact that my feet must be bigger. Plus, I think I have elf feet. You know, the kind where the toes turn up? I have to admit it, my big toes like to search for higher ground. Recently, though, not only do my big toes hurt, but some of the others have been joining the chorus. Could it be that my feet have grown again? I have multiple pairs of uncomfortable 8’s for playing tennis. What’s more important, vanity or comfort?

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s comfort beats out vanity. Want to sleep in rollers or have an easy hairstyle? Want to wear high heels or flats? Knee-highs or socks? Yeah, I’m going for comfort. So this week I went out and bought a pair of 8 ½’s. If I live to 100, I’ll probably be wearing 10’s.

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