Today we are going up to wine country in celebration of John’s birthday. Since I might not be able to write tomorrow (no, not because of over-imbibing but because I am not bringing my trusty computer along), I thought I’d wish him a happy birthday today.

I met John when we were both 19. It always happens these last few months of the year when he catches up to me and we are the same age. He was a junior at M.I.T. and I was sophomore at Douglass College (Rutgers University.) How come he’s younger than I but I was behind him in school? No, it’s not because I got left back! When John was born, he hit the brain jackpot. So he skipped a grade and actually started going to college when he was 16. Couldn’t even drive yet. Anyway, even though my boyfriend who also went to M.I.T. was smart, I was pretty much blown away by John. He and became friends, later more than friends and we got married when he was only 22. It seems so young now.

Our kids have gotten some really great genes from him. They are smart, witty, tall, good-looking and have great hair. Actually, the great hair is a combination of my really fine straight hair and John’s brillo hair. John’s dad is 93 and is still sharp as a tack so hopefully they’ll inherit the longevity gene as well.

John has aged gracefully and well. Men are lucky that way and he is luckier than most. He still remembers almost everything he ever knew. In fact, before there was Google, there was John, my personal database. I still rely on him when I need an answer. He’s a great tennis player, a good cook, a caring father, a wonderful husband. I’ve known him for 37 years and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

Happy Birthday!

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