Recently the Census Bureau released a report saying that St. George is the second-fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country. I can attest to the fact that there is building going on everywhere here. While there still is inexpensive housing, the market has heated up some and locals are complaining about the increasing difficulty for families to buy homes.

The pluses for living in the St. George area –

Still relatively inexpensive housing.
Incredible scenery.
Within 3 hours of 3 National parks and Lake Powell.
Home to Snow Canyon State Park.
Nearby skiing.
Nearby rafting and fishing.
Great hiking.
A lot of golf courses and tennis courts.
Within 2 hours of Las Vegas and 45 minutes from Mesquite, NV.
Nice people.
Fall, winter and spring have excellent weather.

The minuses for living in the St. George area-

Unattractive downtown.
Limited shopping.
Liquor laws that inhibit restaurant growth.
Few good restaurants.
Mostly eveything is closed on Sunday.
No nightlife at all.
Near polygamist towns.
Dominant religion is very powerful.
Quite right-wing.
Very, very hot in the summer.
Second homes are taxed at double rate.

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