As I usually do before I go to bed, last night I checked the news on my My Yahoo home page. The headlines on the AP top stories included the whole Harriet Miers nomination withdrawal, the death of Rosa Parks, two soldiers killed in Iraq, a suicide bomber in Israel, speculation on the indictments to be handed down by the special prosecutor, the scariness of bird flu, the oil-for-food bribes AND the fact that Mr. Sulu is gay. What an odd juxtaposition of stories! Certainly, George Takei never expected that his coming out would be of the same importance as these weighty subjects. Perhaps his story is above the stature of Anna Nicole Smith’s dogs boycotting Iams, maybe at a par with the Orlando Magic’s Grant Hill missing three to six weeks due to a sports hernia (and exactly where on your body is the “sports”?), but up there with “Scooter” Libby and Rosa Parks?

It seems that Americans are so hung-up on sexuality these days that a secondary actor on a program which ran in the 60’s can still make front page news by announcing that he is a homosexual.

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