My friend Mike, who is a great commenter, asked me a question about one of the blog entries I wrote a while ago. So I decided to address that plus a few other follow-ups.

Mike wants to know how the “I’m trying to be less dependent on my car” life style is coming along. Well, two days after I wrote the entry about how John and I were walking to the local stores for our shopping, I hurt my knee. The doctor said it was a strained ligament. Limping was the preferred way of personal travel. I was told to stay off it and use ice and take ibuprofen. So much for the new lifestyle. Then we left for Utah for a month where walking to the store is impossible. I guess, what I am saying is that it’s not going too well and now it’s getting chilly.

About Harriet Miers….I wrote that it didn’t seem that her qualifications meshed with becoming a Supreme Court Justice. I guess a lot of other people felt the same way. But the media really brutalized her which I think was extreme. I also think it was unfortunate that the president couldn’t find a single other qualified woman.

Ryan, our daughter-in-law, has been taking good care of Little Bruno who now appears to be canteloupe size. I started a sweater for him before I knew he was a boy and, although I thought I picked out gender neutral yarn, the sweater came out kind of girly. I did add manly purple buttons. So now I’ve started another one which is definitely for a boy. This baby should surely have curly hair and, of course, be the cutest baby ever. Hopefully, Ryan and Jon will decide on a name they like so we can stop calling him Little Bruno.

We are off to St. George tomorrow and plan to take another dirt road trip while we are there. This time to the Grand Canyon. Perhaps we can find an uncrowded spot. Nature’s wonders are best appreciated in solitude.

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