Thanksgiving is approaching and I’ll bet you have a turkey lurking in your refrigerator or freezer. I’ve always been afraid of frozen turkeys. What if you don’t get it thawed in time? Or what will happen to your friends and family if you leave it out on the counter to defrost? My mom always left it out to thaw and, horrors of horrors, even stored it in the fridge with the stuffing inside. We all survived.

At our house, though, turkey is not the main event. It’s really the sides that are the stars. At the barest minimum, we must have 2 greens, 2 oranges and 2 whites. And, of course, cranberry relish and crescent rolls. For a dessert, Indian Pudding with ice cream is a must. So this year to complement our sausage stuffing stuffed turkey thighs and gravy, Sarah will be making apple-rutabaga soup (Thank you Aunt Peg for this delicious new addition to our Thanksgiving), crescent rolls, and cranberry relish. Jon will be making green bean casserole and potatoes of some sort. John and I will be making the turkey, death by broccoli, creamed onions and chipotle sweet potato gratin. Oh, and the Indian Pudding and maybe rutabagas because we love them so much.

It’s really impossible to take more than a spoonful of everything without exploding but the leftovers are wonderful!

What’s special dishes do you have on Thanksgiving?

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