And by seventies I mean temperature not the age of everyone here in southern Florida. Yay, I am on vacation. I just looked up the word vacation and it means “A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee.” Unfortunately, the pay part doesn’t apply but at least that means that during retirement we can vacation anytime we want. In reading back over the definition maybe our retirement is a permanent vacation. Anyway, we are here in Marco Island, Florida ready to devote our time to pleasure, rest or relaxation.

What a difference a year makes! Even though Hurricane Wilma has come through here, our place looks so much better than last year. Through the efforts partly of John and me but mostly because of my sister and her husband, the old family homestead is clean and in good repair. My other brother-on-law came down and cleaned up after the hurricane so we can just unpack our bags and settle down to the hard work of having a good time. Many thanks to all of them.

Last year when I got this blog. It was all about the worrying. The idea was to write down the things I was obsessing about and, like smoke from a fire, they would dissipate. Well, mission accomplished. As the year progressed I wrote more and more about what was interesting me and less about the secret life of my brain. Hopefully this will continue. One good sign, last night I slept solidly for almost 8 hours. Perhaps the proliferation of blogs on the internet means that we are all enjoying better mental health.

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