Do you have sayings that only your family ever uses? You know, the result of some experience that you really just had to be there for? For instance, we used to go to this restaurant in Southborough, Massachusetts called White’s Corner. On Fridays you could get two lobsters for $9.95. Anyhow, on the way out there was a step immediately after you went through the door. It was supposed to say “STEP DOWN” but somebody had taken the S and the N so it said TEP DOW. To this day, whenever there are unexpected steps one of will say, “tep dow.” And one day, Jon, Sarah, and I were watching Saturday Night Live and there was a fake quiz program on. One of the questions was, “Who is the ultimate comedy killer?” After various guesses by the panel, they flashed up a picture and announced that the ultimate comedy killer was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. For some reason that struck us really funny and the Archduke has always been a symbol of comedy gone awry.

And there are so many others – the phantom arm, the mad whistler, the pluperfect (pronounced plup -er -fect.) I think it must be both confusing and annoying to be around us sometimes.

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