There’s a couple of things happening here. One is that I am now getting all these comments on my website from poker and mortgage places. Just junk. Today there were probably three hundred comments I had to delete. This is really annoying and I wish I knew how to block it.

Second thing. The vacation is not going too well right now. John fell playing tennis and broke his collarbone as well as tearing up his elbow and knee. We spent several hours at Naples Community Hospital on Monday night. He will have to keep his right arm in a sling for at least three weeks with healing taking six to eight weeks. It is really too bad. He is hurting and I am not a good nurse. So I am feeling guilty for feeling grumpy and he is feeling guilty because he is taking responsibility for my grumpiness. I need an attitude transplant. Sorry John.

On a bright note, my younger sister and her husband are visiting this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them and having a raucous few days. Perhaps she will bring the transplant I need.

Oh, and the people from Zales never called.

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