I am pining for the fjords. That’s a Monty Python reference. It doesn’t mean I’m Scandinavian. Anyway, I’ve been away from home for almost 5 weeks now and I am definitely ready to go home. You know how it is, you love being away on vacation but at the end you are so ready to return to your routine and be among your familiar things.

This vacation has had its ups and downs. The biggest down being John falling down and breaking his collarbone. But I think I’ve complained enough about that. I will never make a very good nurse. On the up side, the weather here in Marco has been really nice. We played some tennis, went to the beach, swam in the pool, made friends at the wine shop and visited with both my sisters. We went to see John’s dad in Pompano Beach. He’ll be 93 in April. Setting aside that there are too many people with too much time on their hands driving around, this is a pretty nice place to be.

But after being away for all this time, I miss Ryan, Jon and Sarah very, very much. I’m really looking forward to Little Bruno’s arrival at the end of the month. On a smaller scale, I miss the mountains and the greenness of winter in California. I miss the wonderful produce and the stores not jammed with senior citizens endlessly debating over what to buy. I’m just like Dorothy, Oz is a great place to visit but there’s no place like home. I’m pining for the fjords.

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