One thing that John and I like to do while traveling around is find signs that carry an intent unintended by the business owners. St. George is particularily rife with these. Our favorite was at a store named “All Caskets.” This was a real store here in town and they also have their main store in Las Vegas. When they first opened, they had a sign out front reading “All Caskets Now Open.” Unfortunately, the casket store didn’t make it and we were really hoping for the following signs “All Caskets Final Days” or “All Caskets Now Closed.”

Another thing that’s big around here is buying packets of tokens for the car wash. These are inveritably characterized by the sign, “Token Sale.”

Another of our favorites is at a pet store. It has in bold letters, “Dog Grooming Exotic Birds.” So the next time you need your bird groomed by a dog come to St. George.

Once in Fresno, we passed a restaurant named Gentile’s. Out back there was a sign that said “Gentiles Parking Only.” John and I figured we’d have to pass up the lot.

It’s been rainy every day here in St. George since Friday. We are going a little stir crazy. Hopefully, the weather is clearing tomorrow and we can get out to have some new adventure.

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