This last week has been pretty busy for us.  We’ve eaten out a number of times and I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on some of the restaurants we’ve been to next week.  Also our good friends Eileen and Jim came up from Arizona for a week or so. 

We had a family lunch on Thursday with the kids, grandNathan and our friends.  Every time we do something like this, it makes me so glad that we decided to rent an apartment near them.  How great it is to get everyone together fairly easily!  We all took turns holding Nathan who looked totally adorable in a blue outfit with a matching jacket and shoes.  The food turned out well and the company better.

This weekend we are in Healdsburg.  Eileen and Jim’s daughter Alison had an art show at the Flying Goat just off the town square.  So many people came!  She is  a graphic artist and scientific illustrator. (www.lefthandlight.com)  She worked for a while at Scientific American.  During that time, we, along with her parents and friends, turned the magazine sideways and read the credits next to the staples first.  She had some fine works and we were disappointed when the one we wanted had already been sold. 

Tomorrow it’s back to the Bay Area.  We need to do our shopping for our Passover seder which we are having on Tuesday.  Yeah, I know, we should have done it last week.  But just like when celebrating birthdays, Christmas or even Thanksgving, the most important thing is for the family to be together.  To me that’s what a celebration is all about.

For everyone celebrating Easter today, Happy Easter!

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