Wow, I have been eating out way too much lately.  As Alexander McCall-Smith would describe me in his mystery novels located in Botswana, I am a traditionally built lady, but all this eating out is making me too traditional!

First an update on the post about Jardiniere.  I wrote to the restaurant about the overabundance of salt in their dishes.  The executive chef, Robbie Lewis, wrote me back.  It seems that they have switched from kosher salt to sea salt from Isola Egadi which is off the coast of Trapani, Sicily.  He explained that this salt is much saltier than the salt they had been using and the chefs are still getting used to it.  He also said he hoped that we would come back again.  After the nice personal note and explanation, I am sure we will.

We ate at the The Peasant and the Pear in Danville, Ca. last week.  The menu had just been updated to reflect the spring season.  We started with calamari fritti.  The rings were so tiny that it would have been impossible for anyone not to overcook them.  We also had French fries as an appetizer.  (I know, strange, but we had a real FF lover at the table.)  Unfortunately, the fries lacked crispness.  We were later comped for both these items.  The lamb shank which was the only carryover from the old menu was excellent according to John and George.  Karen had a flat bread pizza which was awful.  Doughy and undercooked.  I had cannellini stuffed with ricotta and in a mushroom sauce.  The sauce was too thick and the pasta overcooked and flabby. 

A – for the lamb shanks and C-/D for everything else.

An update on a previous restaurant review and a new one tomorrow!

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