First an update on the whole blog/spam issue. Jon has been working with the site and has installed a kind of comment test to thwart mass comment spammers. If you want to leave a comment, there is a field you have to fill in asking for my first name – with a capital M. Hopefully, this will allow real commenters through and keep the other 5000+ faux commenters out.


The most respected Swedish lexicographers have decided to stop boycotting the letter W. Probably this is due to the Vorld Vide Veb. You see, in Sweden V and W are pronounced the same – as V. But vhat vith all the foreign vords such as valkie-talkie making their way into the Swedish language, the povers-that-be have decided that the W is vhat the Svedish people vant. The letter will be named the double-v and the Svedish alphabet will be expanded to 29 letters.

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