Obviously we’ve been on the road again and that’s the reason for the dearth of blog entries.  We drove down to the LA area to see Jon’s band, Hookslide, perform at America Sings and Caltech.  They did a great job and it was fun to see them interact with the crowds.  Then it was back in the car to go the rest of the way to Utah.

Okay, so here’s a few things that bother me when traveling.  First, the whole gas price thing was really hit or miss.  We started out getting filled up in Santa Nella for $3.15/gal. but a few miles down the road in Coalinga, it was $3.46/gal.  Glad we filled up when we did.  I guess the same brand of gas costs so much more to transport 75 miles down I-5.  But, of course, that was nothing next to how much it cost in Baker, CA -  a whopping $3.79/gal.!  If you are low  on gas you have no place else to go.  We filled up later in Bloomington, UT for $2.79/gal., a dollar a gallon less!  I know gas in California is more expensive but in Baker it is just a case of price gouging.

In the morning we often start out without breakfast and stop about an hour into the trip to eat.  Usually at a fast food place.  Why can’t you get milk with your coffee?  Why only half and half?  The half and half is free but you have to buy a carton of milk if you prefer not using cream.

And what about tea?  Why is it that most places run their hot water through the coffee machine which totally screws up the flavor of tea.  And why is it that the waitperson comes around endlessly with a coffee pot but you have to ask for more tea and what they bring you is  more hot water which you then dunk your spent teabag in hoping to wring out a little more tea flavor?  Seems unfair.

Finally, motels, did you know that they have invented fitted sheets?  These sheets stay in place and you are able to wake up the next morning without the sheets wrapped around you.  It’s such a small thing.  If there were an option to pay an extra buck and get fitted sheets, I would spend the money gladly.

The last peeve is directed at myself and happens almost every time I eat at a restaurant.  Marymom, please stop ordering what you think would be best for you and order what you actually want to eat.  I have spent more stupid calories eating something that I don’t really want.  It would be smarter just to eat less of the thing I do want.

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