First, a big thank you to Sarah, Ryan, Jon and Nathan for making my Mother’s Day extra special.  Sarah made me a delicious brunch featuring strata and tiramisu.  Yum.  We also did a little Sarah and mom shopping, talked about ANTM and whom we think could possible win, and of course gossiped a little (we are so bad!)  Then John and I went to Ryan and Jon’s and babysat Nathan for a while so Ryan could go out and by some jeans with her sister.  Later Jon got back from Nashville and gave me good son hugs.  I got great cards from Ryan and Jon and my first grandmother mother’s day card.  It had a sweet footprint from Nathan.  All in all a great day.

In other family news, we are driving to Seattle tomorrow.  Our nephew, Andy, has accepted an internship from Boeing and will be in Everett, WA for the summer.  Rather than have him buy a car and drive himself, his mom and dad all the way from Tampa, we thought we loan him our van.  He’s a great young man and we are very proud of him.  We’ll also spend several days sightseeing around the Seattle area with my sister and her husband.

We are, of course, taking along a computer but posts may be a little erratic for the next week.

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