Last month Jon helped me with the spam problem by requiring comment posters to type in Mary before their comment would be posted. But it looks like the spammers have figured a way around. Today I got over 400 spam comments. Surely not as bad as the 5000 I had last month but still enough to make my screen freeze when I tried to delete them. So this is another problem that will need to be solved.

And just so you know what I am thinking about, Americans! stop eating out and spending megabucks for suboptimal food. We just went out to dinner and it was sad. This was at Amber in Danville, CA. My main course was a phyllo purse filled with seasonal vegetables. Well, last time I looked it was May. My seasonal vegetables were carrots and zucchini! Where was asparagus, or fiddleheads (I am smitten with the fiddleheads), or spinach or something that was even vaguely reminiscent of spring! Add to this lettuce leaves with chicken (totally ground up cooked chicken with no flavor), beef satay made out of tenderloin (certainly a skirt or flank steak would have been much more flavorful) with a blah peanut sauce and a potsticker filled with shrimp (I like the ones from Costco better) and you have a meal which is badly cooked, unexciting and pedestrian. I don’t want to pay a lot to eat bad food.

So Americans, a call to arms! And these arms would be your chef knives and santucos. You can do so much better for cheaper at home. Be creative! Try something on a Tuesday beyond meatloaf. You’ll save money and eat better too.

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