We had a really nice Father’s Day yesterday.  Sarah and Jon came over and we played a little tennis and then had a cookout which included our friends and their daughter.  How nice it is to sit about talking with one’s grown children!  They are like the closest of friends.  (Although Marymom cannot resist the urge to give motherly advice sometimes.)  Plus they don’t mind if the house is a little messy or the food isn’t cooked quite right.  They’ve grown up with that.  As I have always said,  I have loved and enjoyed my kids  at whatever age they’ve been (even terrible twos and snotty teens) and, whatever moment I’ve been in, it’s always seemed the best.

Happy Father’s Day to John who has spent so much of his life providing us with a great life and achieving the fine balance between the dad role and the work role.  And a special Happy First Father’s day to Jonathan.  He and Ryan are doing a great job with their “little guy.”

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