It’s just too hot.  The heat makes everything seem harder to do as lethargy and ennui set in.  We spent Thursday and Friday driving to St. George, Utah and we should be glad we are here.  On Saturday it hit about 115 in Pleasanton.  That smashed the record by lots of degrees.  Northern Californians aren’t used to that kind of heat.  In lots of places there is no air conditioning.  Here in St. George it was a refreshing 108.  At least there is minimal humidity.

We got up early today and played tennis at 7 am.  It was only 82.  Now it’s ten and we’ve played, swam and showered.  What to do for the rest of the day?  I guess we will watch Tiger hopefully win the British Open and then there is the final of the RCA Tennis Championships.  I think we’ll make a trip to Costco.   Sunday is a fine day to go to Costco since so many people here eschew shopping on Sundays.  Let’s see, that should bring us to about 3 PM.  Then a nap, feed the fish (who really seem to enjoy the hot weather), eat dinner and bed.  Another way too hot day successfully negotiated.

 Stay cool.



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