Last week I was called for jury duty.  I’m not who they want for the jury but every time I’m called I have to go through the whole interrogation.  As a victim of a violent crime  when I was 11 (abducted by a stranger), the defense attorney or the judge always excuses me.

One of the things I especially don’t like is that the interviewing takes  place in front of the defendent.  And what things do they ask?  Let’s see, your name, where you live, where you are employed, where you husband is employed, how many kids do you have, where are they employed and on and on.  I’m not sure I would tell a stranger all this stuff, let alone a whole courtroom full of strangers and someone who is on trial for a violent crime.  When I said I didn’t like the defendent knowing all about me, the judge laughed and said he hadn’t lost a juror yet.  ha ha.

Then, in front of all these people,  I have to talk about what happened to me as a kid.  Of course, this makes me upset and shaky.  Finally, after all this, I am excused.  There has to be an easier way.

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