There should be a new line at the airport – NAKED PEOPLE ONLY – NO HAND LUGGAGE.  Or maybe there should be airlines with special flights for people who are willing to bring nothing with them.  It would be the ultimate convenience.  These naked people without hand or checked luggage would be able to buy clothing on the other side of the security screening.  They would have shipped ahead anything they need at their destination.

Wait, there’s a whole commercial oppourtunity here!  Disposable clothes! Toiletry packs at your destination.  Tour guides could offer an all-inclusive package.  From disposable clothes, to toiletry packs and paper shoes, there is a buck to made here.  Also since people would be trapped on an airplane for countless hours without anything to do, the airlines could charge big bucks for any sort of entertainment.

What a sad, sad state the world is in.  I haven’t written about it much lately  because it is all so depressing.  We’ve managed to make ourselves and the world much less safe.  Our government wants to see itself as clothed in conservative and religious robes but it has much more in common with the emperor who fooled the populace until one wise child noticed that he really had nothing on.

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