I wrote a post on Saturday but for some reason the font was tiny and it didn’t respect the paragraphs I made.  I deleted it.  Recently the inspired ideas for blogs are coming few and far between.  I had been trying to write a post every other day but, seriously, I don’t think I have too much to say that would be of much interest.  So I think I’ll now just write something when I need to.

But here’s something that was bothering me today.  (And as I type this I see the font changing again)  I was watching a Ruby Tuesday’s commercial.  In case you don’t know, Ruby Tuesday’s is like TGI Fridays.  Kind of a medium speed food establishment.  Anyway, they were trumpeting their delicious burgers.  They said, yum, our burgers are made from the best sirloin beef and other premium cuts of beef.  John and I both said, “What?”  Anyone who knows their hamburger knows that if you use good cuts of beef for hamburger you get dry, tasteless burgers.

Not too long ago, I think it was Father’s Day, we had a little party.  We wanted to grill hamburgers along with hot links and hot dogs and all the fixin’s.  The best cut of beef for a hamburger is chuck.  We went to the store.  No chuck hamburger.  Apparently everyone wants the leanest ground beef possible.  People! Eat hamburger less often rather than get lean hamburger which is tasteless, unjuicy and unhamburger-like. 

We rang the little bell that calls the butcher.  We handed him two packages of beef chuck (unground.)  We asked him to please grind this up for hamburgers and throw a little extra fat in.  The butcher smiled.  He knew what hamburger should be.  Later we cooked those burgers.  They were wonderful!  Juicy, flavorful and full of the taste of what a hamburger should be. 

Since Father’s Day, we’ve only gone into our secret stash of true hamburger meat once.  But I would rather eat real hamburgers once every month or two or three than eat the drek that passes for hamburger today.

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