Nathan in pool

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I don’t think I realized when my kids were small what hard work it is being a baby. But babies have to learn so much! Everything they do seems to be getting them ready for the next step. We have been enjoying having Nathan here in Utah this week. Yesterday we took him to the pool.

First he had to become adjusted to totally new surroundings. Plus there were gardeners there making loud noises with blowers and edgers. Then Ryan and Nathan sat on the steps of the pool. So many colors, so many noises. And what’s going on with the water?

It seemed kind of scary at first. Then he reached down to touch the water with his hand. Then he sat down in the water. Methodically he touched the pool bottom. Next the tiles and then the edge, again and again feeling the texture of each. Then he would reach down and try to catch something in his hand – maybe bubbles or maybe shadows. He’d close his hand and then bring his hands together. But there was only wetness, So he tried over and over to pick up the elusive bubble/shadow.

Finally there was splashing. But not just random splashing. Splashing to see what the water would do. He checked out the colors of splashing, the noise of splashing, and where the drops went.

On the walk back home, he almost fell asleep. No wonder! Being a baby is hard work!

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