POST 9/11


I don’t like movies being made about 9/11.  I don’t like people making money off the still-fresh grief of this nation.  I don’t like the idea of having a national holiday on 9/11. 

The commercalization and trivialization of this horrific event is horrific in itself.  The last thing we need is a holiday where we get flyers for 9/11 sales  and ideas for your 9/11 picnic.  Don’t think it could happen?  Look at Memorial Day.  Just in case you didn’t realize it, Memorial Day is a day to remember those brave people who died for this country not just the kick-off to summer.

Maybe in the future we need some documentaries about the event for the sake of the people who were not born yet or were too young to remember that day.  But for the rest of us, I am sure that you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard the news about the planes and the images of the day are emblazoned in your memory without the help of docu-drama TV shows and movies.

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