For the past year and a half I’ve been getting migraine headaches.  I get the whole aura thing with the jaggedy lines and then I usually get a dull headache that lasts for a couple of days and makes me so tired.  I felt somewhat alarmed about this because I hadn’t had any in years.  Really the worst ones I ever had were the ones I got while pregnant with Sarah.  That’s 27 years ago.  So I thought that maybe there was something majorly wrong with me.

So I looked on the internet (rather than go to the doctor) to find out what could be the cause.  There were lots of suggestions – hormone replacement therapy, bright lights, stress, caffeine, aspartame etc.  I tried changing my HRT dosage.  I don’t take much because of all the worries about breast cancer.  Anyway, that didn’t seem to do the trick.  I tried wearing sunglasses a lot to cut down on bright lights.  As far as stress is concerned, I have a pretty non-stressful life.  (except when people leave angry comments!)  I only drink a little tea and no coffee or chocolate so I don’t ingest a lot of caffeine.  Finally, I cut out aspartame in Equal, diet soda and wherever else I had been using it.

 Well, golly gee, the headaches stopped.  Since last November I have only had two and they were when I had accidently had aspartame.  So I am passing this along to you as a suggestion, if you are getting headaches, particularily migraine headaches, try cutting out all products with aspartame in them.  If you want a non-caloric sweetener try Splenda, it’s a different formulation and, at least in me, doesn’t cause headaches.

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