I am posting this a day late because when we got to our next lodgings there was no internet! So this afternoon (Sunday) John and I got in the car and I turned my computer on and we drove around looking for signal. Currently we are sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 Motel. The people here were nice enough to let us use their signal even though we are not staying here.

But on to yesterday’s adventures…

After a bad night of my not breathing well, we decided to depart a day early for the lower altitude of Worland, WY. I think a combination of breathing a lot of gases from the geothermal features, the altitude, and the exertion irritated my lungs. So I am coughing and a little breathless today.

On our way out of Yellowstone (which took forever. People! It’s only elk!), we were impeded by a herd of bison. Once again they ignored the warning signs about keeping away from humans and walked within ten feet of our car. There must have been twenty or more, and babies too. Very cute but a little scary that they were so close to the car. Mother bison can be very protective.

Eek! These bison are too close!
Eek! These bison are too close!

Then we went on to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It was amazing! It is a very deep, colorful gorge with two waterfalls from the Yellowstone River. On the way out you descend down about 3500 feet. They are doing road construction on this piece of the road right now so it was all gravelly with no guardrails. It’s not my favorite place to be. There are no pictures since I wasn’t looking.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

We got to Worland around 5ish. The Herzberg Hideaway where we are staying is a charming little cottage set in a large yard with lots of flowers and trees. The house itself is filled with country-type antiques – old canisters, photos, dolls and even a handmade quilt. Although I think it was probably constructed for smaller people with less stuff, we are finding ways to fit ourselves
Big drawback is no internet! Tomorrow John and I are going to troll around town with our laptops to see if we can pick up a signal somewhere.

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