Today, as promised, we do not hike up 1000 ft. in a mile and half. Long ago we did something stupid while hiking and we do not want to repeat our mistake. Instead we engage in urban archeology. We pick up a brochure about Lehi, UT and decide to look for some of the places that are listed. The first place we visited is the train station. Only ten years after the transcontinental spike was driven in, the foresighted Mormon elders extended a line down to Lehi. An economic boom was the result.

The refurbished Utah Southern Railroad Depot
The refurbished Utah Southern Railroad Depot


While the depot has fared well with being restored and all, the bank which later became a hospital across the street has not. We go downtown after seeing it and find a book in the library with pictures of the old buildings. The bank building was very elaborate with an embellished pediment, finials and beautiful windows. Later it was whitewashed and turned into the hospital. You can still see the “Hospital” sign on the side. After a new hospital was built, it fell into disrepair. But there seems to be hope. Workmen and dumpsters are at the site this afternoon.

The old bank/hospital in disrepair
The old bank/hospital in disrepair

The final picture is of an old sign painted on the side of building downtown. It’s for Keeley’s Ice Cream. We saw a picture from the 1930’s with the sign. Unfortunately most of the old buildings downtown have been replaced with ugly 50’s, 60’s and 70’s buildings. The main street is a truck route with giant gravel-type trucks roaring through. What could have been an historic and quaint downtown has been lost. We see very few people on the street.

Keeley's Ice Cream, Lehi
Keeley’s Ice Cream, Lehi

In the afternoon we go to see Pirates 3. We enjoy it. It is kind of convoluted and hokey but that’s okay. Then we go out for sushi. Amazingly all three of our meals here have been pretty good.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Kemmerer, WY, fossil fish capital of the world!

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