ANNIVERSARY TRIP, DAY 47 – MONDAY, JULY 30, 2007 – Friendsville, TN

On Monday we left Asheville for Friendsville, Tennessee. Our neighbors from Hopkinton, MA many years ago (17 to be exact) had graciously invited us to stop by and stay over.

Our psycho GS, Missy, managed to find the most convoluted way of getting there. Once she had us turn into the parking lot of a hospital. So it took us a little longer than anticipated.

It was so great to see Mike and Darwin again. Mike is a frequent commenter on my blog. We do not always agree but she is always a kind and thoughtful responder. She and Darwin have bought a wonderful piece of property that originally housed their hourses. So they have acres upon acres that they have skillfully landscaped into garden and pasture that people would pay money to see.

They renovated the house that came with the land into a beautiful home. We sat around drinking wine, viewing the gardens, catching up on the years that had passed and finally going for pizza at a place run by a garrulous transplanted Italian, Salvatore.

Now that we’ve broken the ice we are hoping that they will come see us in California.

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