Sunday and Monday we spent driving from Dallas to Gallup, New Mexico with an overnight in Amarillo, TX.  On Sunday when we got into our hotel just in time to take a nap.  (Better there than in the car!)  Later we walked across the parking lot to the Texas Roadhouse and had dinner.  And so ends another exciting day on the road.

Monday was a long drive day but we started early and gained an hour going into Mountain Time so we had time to do a little something.  About 50 miles outside of Gallup we turned off I-40 and went to two National Monuments, El Malpais and El Morro.  I had never heard of either of these.  The first was a geologic site with volcanoes and lava tubes, the second, a small oasis next to a towering  cliff where various people from pre-historic Native Americans to Spanish invaders to soldiers had carved there names,

We got into Gallup shortly after 5 PM.  Soon thereafter there was an immense thunderstorm, a real gullywasher.  So we had chips and cheese and bread for supper not wishing to venture out.  Tomorrow we head to Prescott, AZ to visit our friends, Eileen and Jim.  We always have fun there!

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