I know it’s been months since I’ve really written anything but I think I may start using my blog again.  I think it’ll be more about my adventures and less about political rantings.  Yesterday I was reading through our cross-country trip last year and really enjoying and reliving our escapades. Having it all recorded some place is a great thing.  In fact there are sites on the internet that I’ve seen that will put your blog in spiral-bound form with pictures and commentary.  I think I’ll do that.

So we were on a wonderful trip and cruise with our good friends, Karen and George, from Venice to Istanbul.  I’ve got a bunch of pictures which should help to jog my memory about what happened each day.  I think I’ll start off by recording that.  Next, we have a Northwest driving loop which we are starting on our anniversary this year.  I’ve been checking out our lodgings making sure that most of them have internet access.  That trip will be my next blog foray.

There’s lots more I could post, like the progress of our wonderful grandchild, Nathan, but his mom has a wonderful blog so I feel that’s covered.  For the past two years, his maternal grandparents have given us the book form of her blog.  It’s what’s given me the idea to get mine printed.

Really, I am glad if any of our travel exploits give anyone who reads this some insight on where to go or what to see.  But for me this is a handy way to record my thoughts and the wonderful things we continue to do on our vacations.

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