Friday, March 13, 2009 Taormina

Mt. Etna

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Today was a real vacation from the vacation day. We sat in the sun. We read our books. We caught up on posting pictures to the blog. We took a nap. Ho-hum, it’s hard being on vacation.

Tonight we went to a restaurant that several couples recommended. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! Especially be afraid if one of those couples is British. Have we ever had a really good meal in England? The answer to that would be no. But we went anyway. We started with carpaccio with rocket and parmesan. The meat was semi-frozen. Had a little crunch to it. And tasteless. Although you could tell that the waitstaff was offended we asked for lemon, olive oil and salt. Something was needed to make this taste like something more than meat popsicle. Then John had a zuppa of mixed shellfish. It was a giant portion with a ton of mussels. I’m not a mussel fan but he enjoyed it. I had one of the dishes that everyone was raving about – an eggplant involtini stuffed with spaghetti. The sauce was good, the eggplant was good but the spaghetti was so overcooked that it resembled something that Chef Boyardee would put in a can. Then we shared a slice of rockfish in a tomato sauce with capers. The sauce was so salty that even we could hardly eat it. The fish was bony. Well, yum, what a dinner.

We also watched the volcano for a while. It seems that the lava flow is getting bigger. Antonio from the front desk joked that it would explode as a special surprise for us.

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