Saturday, Sunday, March 21, 22, 2009 and beyond

I am thinking that I ought to wrap this trip up.  It’s actually Saturday, March 28th and we’ve been home almost a week.  We rented a car in Florence, a Renault Espace, and drove to Milan.  Let me tell you that there are no gas stations near the airport in Milan.  We drove around for an hour trying to find a gas station and finally found one on the road in the opposite direction.  So heading out from Milan airport there is a gas station but for all the people who need to fill up their rental cars on the way in, no.

The trip back seemed unending.  Eight hours from Milan to New york and then over six hours from JFK to SFO.  There were heavy winds.  I was so antsy in my seat.  Even though I have vowed never again in coach, it was so so long even in business class.

We’re home now and the week has been busy.  Sarah came over on Monday.  It was her birthday.  We went out to lunch, had manicures and pedicures and then we cooked dinner.  On Tuesday we went over to see Nathan and Sam as well as Ryan, Leigh and Jon.  John had a working dinner.  On Thursday we went up to wine country with Sarah and stayed overnight.  When we got back on Friday we crashed and we didn’t do much today, Saturday.  It’s time to try to get over the jetlag.

It was a great, great trip.  And now it’s time to start planning the next one.

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